Heroes of Might and Magic 4

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Heroes of Might and Magic 4 Was destroyed by the cataclysm of Erathia, Emilia Naytaven lost from it all. She remained in the new one terrible world, now we need to gather all those who can fight to give an adequate response to the enemy.
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Bandits: Phoenix Rising

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Bandits: Phoenix Rising After a nuclear war has ended in the living there are not many people, but you're lucky you're one of them. Now the world's most valuable is the gasoline. In order to become ruler of the land will have to try hard.
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Prisoner Of War

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Prisoner Of War During World War II. Scientists on the orders of Hitler's attempt to invent the perfect weapon, they will only be able to stop you. You - play for the U.S. Air Force Captain Lewis Stone.
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Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom and Knight and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion In a series of games War and Peace - You will build the city, train soldiers, a feature of these games is the fact that all resources are extracted slowly and they can be fully depleted (gold, iron, stone), a tree can produce forever, lumberjack chops down trees and then sadit them.
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Cossacks: Back to War

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Cossacks: Back to War Cossacks: Back to War - Will give you the opportunity to fight in Europe in the 16-18 century. In this version of the game a hundred new missions that will give you the opportunity to plunge into a much stronger game.
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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood Since Robin Hood lived was somewhere 700 years and its up-and is still remembered on this topic write books, make films and make the game.
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Divine Divinity (RePack)

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Divine Divinity (RePack) Rivellon Kingdom for hundreds of years...
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Wiggles / Diggles

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Wiggles / Diggles You become the leader of a small tribe of dwarves and go with them on a long and difficult, journey to the very center of the Earth to the last request of his father Odin chained the evil beast Fenrir.
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Soldier of fortune 1-2

27-01-2021, 12:35 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2002 | Views: 1 230 | Comment: 0
Soldier of fortune 1-2 In this game all about the secret service - Shop, this service seeks out and destroys terrorists anywhere in the world. You will play a special secret agent John Mullins.
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Iron Storm (RePack)

19-07-2015, 04:21 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2002 | Views: 1 992 | Comment: 0
Iron Storm (RePack) 1964, in the course of fifty years, is the massacre in Europe.
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