Monster Truck Challenge

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Monster Truck Challenge I like the thrill? If yes then try to play "Monster Truck Challenge". Cars with huge wheels that can crush any passenger car on the way. Trails are very difficult and dangerous to life, to win you will receive a medal and a new car.
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MX vs. ATV: Reflex (RePack)

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MX vs. ATV: Reflex (RePack) MX vs. ATV Reflex is the continuation of extreme racing. In this game there will be new physics, tracks that change right before your eyes, change management, which makes it possible to perform the most incredible and deadly tricks.
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Juiced (RePack)

13-07-2021, 08:29 | Section: Race / Games 2005 | Views: 971 | Comment: 0
Juiced (RePack) Juiced - as always the night, the street and crazy speed sports car. You've just arrived in this city and you do not have is not that athletic but even the simplest machines.
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Need For Speed: Made of Metal

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Need For Speed: Made of Metal This is the best mod for the game "NFS Most Wanted" Race through the city resumed. This was made possible with the help of the game "Need For Speed: Made of Metal" The best riders of the city gathered to face off and drive through the city, a powerful engine, sport mufflers and sirens of police patrols.
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Highspeed Control Carbon Edition

5-07-2021, 10:05 | Section: Race / Games 2011 | Views: 883 | Comment: 0
Highspeed Control Carbon Edition With this game you feel like it's real speed. You will need to fight for victory. Police chase, the adrenaline and a large arsenal of weapons that will help you come first in the most difficult routes.
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Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush

5-07-2021, 10:05 | Section: Race / Games 2009 | Views: 1 363 | Comment: 0
Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush You can become extreme driver. You start with an ordinary taxi driver and will try to climb up the career ladder (street racer, and even the pros can you get to the tournament and enter into the league).
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GM Rally

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GM Rally GM Rally - This is a challenge to all motorists. Machines for different tastes, from small compact to large and powerful SUVs that you want more fuel, and the pedal to the floor! You choose what kind of car you want, before you read it with data.
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FlatOut 2 Winter Pursuit

19-06-2021, 08:25 | Section: Race / Games 2007 | Views: 1 317 | Comment: 0
FlatOut 2 Winter Pursuit This addon game FlatOut 2. The game has come winter. Now the objects you can destroy a lot more in the game there were twenty new cars, artificial intelligence, too, have changed.
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Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

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Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Post Apocalyptic Mayhem - a heavy-duty trucks armed to the teeth in the world after the apocalypse. Compete against racers in different routes, send your opponents into scrap.
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Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box

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Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box In all games of the genre the race you need to drive carefully not to cut into the other road or you can lose in this game all the way around - you need to arrange an accident, the better you do it the faster you change your normal rights are better.
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