World of Aden: Thunderscape

30-05-2021, 09:02 | Section: Others / Games 2000 | Views: 925 | Comment: 0
World of Aden: Thunderscape First, developers did not make the usual role-playing and fantasy are mixed paropanka: Thunderscape trolls in the world live with mechanical golems, and the stores you can buy not only their swords and staves, but also firearms.
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Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales

29-05-2021, 08:58 | Section: Others / Games 2010 | Views: 3 079 | Comment: 0
Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales - this is a very fun game, it consists of small games (mini games), the characters are taken from the Mater's Tall Tales from Disney Pixar. This game is very good to play with friends on the internet.
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Puzzle Quest 2

18-05-2021, 09:37 | Section: Others / Games 2010 | Views: 975 | Comment: 0
Puzzle Quest 2 You choose the character that you play them only four assassins, barbarian, magician, Inquisitor, the character will go to the village Verloren, you need to save this village, in this interesting and exciting game Puzzle Quest 2
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The Incredible Hulk

4-03-2021, 15:11 | Section: Others / Games 2008 | Views: 851 | Comment: 0
The Incredible Hulk He is very strong, evil, dangerous, and green. This is not someone's nightmare. It's the Hulk! The famous bully endowed with superhuman strength. It destroys everything in its path in order to help the citizens of the city.
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Cursed House

20-02-2021, 09:49 | Section: Others / Games 2010 | Views: 922 | Comment: 0
Cursed House Very interesting game of "Alawar" this game Cursed House in a series of mini-games, children's games. It is pretty easy and in order to play it unnecessary to examine the management and so forth, is another very good way to have fun with at least some benefit.
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Worked! - Anthology

18-02-2021, 16:18 | Section: Others / Games 2008 | Views: 882 | Comment: 0
Worked! - Anthology This is a collection of games, "earned", puzzle games, the best of the genre of logic. The most common tasks needed to solve a completely non-standard ways. You will need such as hammer a nail without a hammer or light a light bulb, using only a magnet, a bucket and a few tennis balls.
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Soccer Bashi

14-02-2021, 09:32 | Section: Others / Games 2010 | Views: 986 | Comment: 0
Soccer Bashi This kind of football, it has its own rules of football - you have to break all the blocks on the floor or try to get the ball twice at the gate and this time go to the next level.
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Zombie Driver

13-02-2021, 09:28 | Section: Others / Games 2009 | Views: 1 036 | Comment: 0
Zombie Driver The city struck a terrible accident, our hero is the only thing that managed to make a jump in my car "taxi". He is now necessary to recall all their skills to drive trucks in order not to fall into the hands of zombies that overrun the town, and you'll have to evacuate the city, and so that there are very few.
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Disney Tangled: The Video Game (Repack)

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Disney Tangled: The Video Game (Repack) Princess Rapunzel has been born with a magical golden hair, which has the power to return a lost youth. This has ruined Prince, when she was a child, she had stolen Mother Hotel, in order to be forever young.
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Mortal Kombat Special Edition

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Mortal Kombat Special Edition Old but very favorite Mortal Kombat on a completely new graphics engine, MUGEN will not leave you indifferent. The game has new characters and new levels! Finishing off an opponent have become more spectacular and violent.
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