Wiggles / Diggles

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Wiggles / Diggles
Title: Dwarf / Wiggles / Diggles
Genre: RTS / Strategy
Creator: SEK
Publisher: Strategy First
Language: Russian
Size: 652 MB

You become the leader of a small tribe of dwarves and go with them on a long and difficult, journey to the very center of the Earth to the last request of his father Odin chained the evil beast Fenrir. Of course, the wolf does not want to be deprived of liberty, so during the game going into the underground need to learn more new skills and technology, as much as possible to develop the martial skills of gnomes, create, and make tools and machines.

Even one life is not enough to fulfill this sacred duty, because of this should be the dwarves, except hard work, to reproduce, to the next generation of devices have been to heavy travel. I'll have to dig tunnels and even build on the construction of temporary camps to fight various creatures (such as spiteful dragons, trolls and evil) and go through the quests. The game is similar and the Creatures and Dungeon Keeper - not the worst option, is not it? "

Each generation opens up more and more new technologies - and go the way of tents and clubs to swords, bows, guns and driving hamsters, and then - yes lightsabers flying skates. With the development of the gnomes need more and better quality living conditions and labor, gradually learn various skills (on-mess, I boil up martial arts - all come in handy in life), dwarves breed and - most important work - (because it regularly to move the settlement of all deeper and deeper).

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: 800 MHz
RAM: 256 Mb
Video Card: 128MB

Key tags: Real time Gnomes
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