Warcraft III The Reign of Chaos

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Warcraft III The Reign of Chaos
Genre: Strategy / RPG
Year: 2002
Developer: Blizzard
Publisher in Russia: Soft Club
Language: Russian
Publication Type: License
Size: 694 MB

Fifty years have passed since the last war in which fighting orcs and humans. Established a fragile peace, the drums of war were silent. Broken orcs quietly together under the banner of their new leader. An even greater danger threatens the world, which can destroy all life. The drums of war will be heard again, inevitably comes the hour when the fire will fall from the sky and the world shudder before the new force the Burning Legion. Time of Redemption has arrived...
Warcraft III - is a continuation of the famous evolutionary game strategy game enhanced with new elements. Now, a lot depends on the tactics of pumping heroes, this should be more thoughtful play. The game is a continuation of the story that began back in Warcraft II.

* Four unique races, each with its own chips
* There are new races: Undead and Night Elves
* Excellent 3D-graphics in which you can change the resolution and set up details
* You can summon the Legendary Heroes, they will grow in levels, they can learn different spells, making them the main power race
* Neutral shops, which can take advantage of any race, offer a huge selection of magical things, and the soldiers "mercenaries" to strengthen your army
* Lots of neutral groups inhabit the world of Warcraft, and you can join them in battle to capture the magic of things and gain experience
* The game has multiplayer over Battle.net
* Advanced World Editor - map editor which allows players to make their own map
* Complete the game patch v1.24e + is a description of the installation

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: Pentium III 600 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Free hard disk space: 700 MB
Video: 32MB Video 3D
Sound Card: anything

Key tags: Real time
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