Beach life

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Beach life
Original title: Beach life
Genre: Strategy
Year: 2002
Developer: Deep Red Games
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Publication Type: license
Language: English + Russian

This economic strategy game. You act as a host of beaches or islands, you need to create a resort that will come to ordinary people. You will have a huge number of buildings from the cafeteria to the system for water purification. You have to ensure that all people what they want, you will build toilets, restaurants, disco equipment hire, Jacuzzi pools, water slides as well as houses for the workers: engineers, janitors, police, rangers, lifeguards are not described here, even a small portion of all available construction of the building. You are able to set prices in each of your buildings, you can choose what to sell beer at your bar (and some crepe bone) up to you to set the salaries of your employees and you will be able to put any of the staff which is characteristic, for example security guards, you can deliver the level of aggressiveness (the smaller the level of the softer the violators will include a guard). You can also improve the look of your resort with lawns, benches, trees, fountains, flower beds with a variety of colors and a lot of nothing. The game has several modes of play, it's mission and free mode. Each of the visitors there are certain requirements, you can view them by clicking on the desired visitor, you can also watch the latest thoughts guest - it helps to understand that people do not like. In the van needed to fulfill the missions task at a certain X-day, having a mission to free play will open this beach or island. One word you will need to create a resort to which you can only dream of (the developers have done everything for the flight to your imagination). I can name the game Beach Life / Beach life the best economic strategy for the year two thousand and two.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000 / Windows Millennium / Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 2 - 500 Hz
RAM: 32 MB
Video: 64M Video 3D, DirectX 8.0
Key tags: Management
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