Dragon Age 2: Legacy (RePack)

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Dragon Age 2: Legacy (RePack)
Year: 2011
Genre: RPG / third-person
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian / English
Language: English
Size: 4,64 GB

Continuation of the best role-playing game in 2009 from the authors of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series and Mass Effect. In a new journey of mystery and full of dangers Dragon Age fantasy world player will act as a simple refugee named Hawk, doing its utmost to protect his family from an unforgiving Mora. Fates decreed it was he who will be the main protector of the city Kirkvolla.

The plot covers an entire decade history of a harsh world, whose inhabitants fiercely opposed the invasion of the creatures of darkness. The player will have to make difficult decisions to enter into mutually beneficial alliances with the very dangerous individuals, acquire wealth and fame and, of course, sword and sorcery tirelessly to fight the numerous enemies. How will the story that will forever change the universe of Dragon Age, - depends only on the player.

Travel stretched to a decade. Thanks to this new way of opening the original storyline of the player, moving in time, will be provided in different places and circumstances - this kind of surprise will make the gameplay even more exciting.
Fans of Dragon Age will take a long way from the ragged beggar to a legendary warrior, and in this way always have to make hard choices and take fateful decisions.
Whatever the game class is not chosen by the user - a wizard, rogue, or warrior - a new, improved combat system ensures high dynamics of battle, not allowing to relax for a second.
With the improved graphics engine world of Dragon Age much prettier and became more vivid - the game is not as spectacular as inferior quality kinoblokbasterov. In addition, it is so fascinating and full of surprises that will keep players in suspense until the very end.

9 DLC + 18 subjects + HighRes Texture Pack:
9 DLC + 18 subjects (Activation is not needed!)

Gibbed's Dragon Age Save Generator:
Gibbed's Dragon Age Save Generator (in the game folder / Bonus)
Creating a Save for Dragon Age: Origins with the ability to transfer in Dragon Age 2
Need NET Framework 4.0 (in the game folder / Bonus)
Key tags: 3rd Person
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