Malgrimii Heroes 2: Defeat the Dragon

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Malgrimii Heroes 2: Defeat the Dragon
Game Title: Heroes Malgrimii 2: Defeat the Dragon
Genre: Add-on (Standalone) / Strategy (Turn-based) / Top-down / turn-based strategy
Year:[/b] 2009
File Format:. Mdf +. Mds
Size: 1.96 Gb

This game is the game Adon "Malgrimii Heroes 2: The Invasion of the Necromancers" to play "Heroes Malgrimii 2: Defeat the Dragon," you should immediately download and install "Malgrimii Heroes 2: The Invasion of necromancers."
Nobody could even think what would a trip to the land of necromancers. The leader of the Army of Darkness has prepared for us a terrible blow to finally conquer the north Ravnolesya. The only question is one, is there any chance for the Order of the Rose to cope with new misfortunes.
Key tags: Turn based
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