I of the Dragon

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I of the Dragon
Game Name: I of the Dragon
Release date: 2003
Genre: Action / RPG / third-person
Language: English
File Format: ISO (CD-1 and CD-2)
Game Version:
File Size: 1.01 Gb

"I of the Dragon" - This game, you have not seen it air Action-RPG. In the story of humans and dragons lived all the time in the world but when you people are very offended, and finish off those departed forever. One dragon, the last people to leave the prophecy that the time will come when people will need help, and that's when people will be able to redeem his veins from the dragons. In an abandoned and the forgotten church is a dragon egg. You'll play just that young dragon. That he would have to rise and to study magic, grow and destroy the undead crowd.

- Graphics incredible for its time, supports resolutions up to 1600x1200
- Twelve very high levels that extend over many square kilometers.
- Surround sound, and very fascinating.
- More than forty types of monsters.
- People are ten types: archers, knights, peasants, and so simple
- More than a hundred types of structures: buildings, trees, boulders, etc.
- The play is not something someone a dragon.
- There are three dragons, each with their own abilities, you can pump your dragon, learn new magic.

PS - The game working, tested personally on Windows XP PS3, no problems with calling cards do not.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: Pentium 3 - 800Mhz
RAM: 512MB
Free hard disk space: 1200 MB
Video: 32 MB, DirectX 8.0

Key tags: 3rd Person
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