The Swarm

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The Swarm
Title: The Swarm / symbiont
Genres: Action / From a third party
Language: Russian (text and voice)
Developer: Targem Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Publication Type: Repack
File Format:. Iso
File Size: 670 Mb

It is almost immune to any human weapons. Government attacked the Earth's nuclear strikes in the place of landing of aliens, but Roy has not lost a lot of soldiers. But people have lost what little hope they will survive.
In order to escape the radiation and the people from the invaders had to hide in the ground. Sewerage, underground cellars, became a refuge for the doomed men. After two years, people have become similar to "crystal", live on the land and feed on what will be, and meanwhile, the invaders moved towards none unknown purpose. Not everyone gave up and lost hope, there are those who do not cease to believe that the proportion of humanity in the hands of the people.

- Smer enemy brings you closer to victory! The protagonist can absorb the genetic code of the dead enemy that gives him the opportunity to acquire the ability to change and they killed their enemies.
- Improve the main character change his DNA chain, experiment is very helpful to you.
- The game combines melee and fighting in the distance with the help of earthly arms also have a more alien and lethal weapon which you can own a hero because of mutation.
- A very large number of monsters from small to huge bosses, each monster has its own habits and weaknesses in order to win they need to learn.
- Battles take place in Moscow, the city is now owned by aliens.

Features RePacka
- Quality at the same level
- Removed advertising

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz / Athlon X2 64 2.5 GHz
Free hard disk space: 1 GB
Video: 256MB Video 3D, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: Mutants 3rd Person
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