Metro 2033: A Ray of Hope

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Metro 2033: A Ray of Hope
Game Name: Metro 2033: Ray of Hope / Metro 2033: A Ray of Hope
Year: 2013
Genre: Action (Shooter) / First Person
Language: Russian
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: 4A Games

Game "Metro 2033: Ray of Hope," a continuation of the well-known action games "Metro 2033". In 2034 in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow subway, this is where the remnants of humanity are trying to survive. The last refuge with the last forces holding back the crowd of mutants that their assault. At this moment more than ever necessary to unite all the people but the people were divided into groups on the contrary, and now they are fighting among themselves, and even for the right to own underground. In tunnels, underground civil war broke out, due to which mankind may be lost. Try to change the situation in the Moscow underground passages...

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Dual Core - 2.2 GHz
Video: 512 MB, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: 1st Person
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