Submarine Titans

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Submarine Titans
Title: Ocean Titans: Call of the Deep / Submarine Titans
Year: 2000
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Ellipse Studios
Localizer: Strategy First
Publication Type: License
Language: Rus, Eng
Size: 740 Mb

Titans Marine - Marine strategy game in real time, embedded in the traditions of Warcraft. You will manage one of the three clans: the state army - Black octopus, private corporations have entered into an alliance - white sharks, or in excess of technological alien race - Silikoidami. All the battles take place in the interior of the oceans of the world, the ocean moved all of humanity after a meteorite crashed into the ground...

Each party wants to achieve their goals. Octopus want to deal with the White Sharks, White Sharks want to take the field corium weight - incredibly valuable mineral, which hit with a meteorite on the planet - and want to build a lighthouse Silikoidy, to transfer their accumulated over the life of information collected from all galaxies on their home planet. .. And each side is ready to break all those who will stop to achieve the goal. and so you will find more than thirty missions, more than a technology, it is impossible to count how much will be battles, victory - a Call of the Deep.

System requirements:
System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: Pentium 2 / Celeron 400
Memory: 64 Mb
Video card: compatible with DirectX, 1024x768, True Color
CD-ROM: 16x-speed,
Drivers: DirectX 7.0
Multiplayer: Yes

Key tags: Real time Ships
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