Order the game for the PC

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Order the game for the PC
To order the game please comment here (games only on a personal computer).
The application must be written:
Name: (If you know the name of the Russian and English, both writing, it can speed up the search)
Genre: (If you do not know, do not worry, the main thing that was the name)
Year: (Will be very good if you specify a year)
Description: (If you want to play you describe in your own words, maybe it will help in the search)
Which file-exchangers on the links you need not specify, I only work with letitbit.net, shareflare.net, Vip-file.com to other file-by-exchangers is unlikely there'll post.

If you do not know the name of the game you describe it in detail, but the quickest way to find it can not (without the name of the application are considered as a last resort).

Example of application:
Title: Ocean Titans: Call of the Deep / Submarine Titans
Genre: Strategy
Year: 2000
Description: The game where all the action takes place underwater, there are three clans: Black Octopus, White Shark, Silikoidy.
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