Son of a bitch!

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Son of a bitch!
Game Title: Son of a bitch!
Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: Erotica
Developer: Avenger
Publication Type: Piratka
Game version: v.0.22
Language: Russian
Language of voice: No

The main character of the game will be the guy Sergei Smirnov, he just finished school. The game begins with a prom, on which the guy is embroidered by the girl he likes, since he is not athletic, and indeed...
In the game, son of a bitch! there are a lot of characters, among which most of the girl and woman. You will be able to develop your character and try to twist with any of the girls (you can fight with everyone - if only I had enough strength).
The father of our hero left the family for another woman, leaving his mother and she had to bring up her son and daughter. Your sister is older than you, but not much. After school you go to the institute (you will need to go to classes and hand over the session), otherwise the army will wait for you and end your adventures and dreams of beautiful girls.
Options how to play just a lot, the main thing is to catch the moments, improve the attitude with the girls, give gifts, earn money, and ideally go to the gym and pump up the muscles, and learn to fight. This will help you all in the future.
If you talk about what you can achieve. For example, you can seduce your older sister, and she will become yours in all senses of the word, she will be ready to strip to please you with sex or blowjob almost anywhere. You can also build a relationship with your mother and become her man. You can go even further and make it so that sex is possible with the times and with the mother and with the sister. In addition, your younger sister (by the father) will settle down and you can also seduce her and use her holes as you like - saying that your father brought up an excellent toy for you. As you can see in the game you can stir up not a bad incest with your sisters and mother. But this is not all. Still there is a classmate who you liked and otshila you, her mother is beautiful (you can get and have sex with them in triplets). Still there are girls from the institute, from your street, from my mother's work, your acquaintances, the boss from the store, her daughters... In general, the girls are not one dozen. And everyone will need to find their own approach.
In the game there will be both recurring events, and unique ones in which you need to make a decision that will affect the further passage (may add a new girl or vice versa, close the opportunity for further relationships, and there may also be new sex variants, for example anal).
The very same game son of a bitch! this is a lot of different photos and texts of conversations, in which you have to choose the answers. There are also video clips for many scenes.
Download the game son of a bitch! / Son of a bitch! through the torrent and show who in this city is the owner :)

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP - Windows 10
Processor: Pentium 3 - 0.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video card: 64MB
Free space on the hard disk: 9 GB
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