Big Brother

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Big Brother
Game Title: Big Brother
Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Erotica
Developer: Dark Silver
Publication Type: License and Piratka
Game version: v. + Walkthrough
Language: Russian, English
Language of voice: No

The protagonist of the game is Big Brother Max, who was kicked out of school by a teenager. He has a mother and two sisters. The youngest is Lisa, and the older one is Alice. The story begins with the moment Max's father sends a lawyer to his mother, who says that he is giving them a new big house. They move into it and there Max discovers a hidden camera. That's where it all begins, Max wants to install cameras around the house and broadcast video on the Internet. Of course, for this you want to make money. You have to create a website, buy cameras, promote the site with advertising... Then you will start to drip money. On the day you will be able to buy various things necessary to improve the relationship with the sisters, as well as other characters of the game Big Brother. For example, Alice after alcohol becomes very compliant and ready for almost anything, so you can buy sweets with liqueur, feed her, and then take advantage of the situation. Or your aunt will need to make erotic pictures, if you have a photo camera, then she can agree to your help. Well, there everything will depend on your choice of answers and, of course, on your relationship with this character. You can try to look after the sisters in the shower or how they change clothes, you can try to spy on the mother. But remember, if you get caught up in this case, then people will be punished and your relationship with loved ones will get worse, which will hinder your plan for seducing sisters and everyone who has a breast). To improve your skills, you can buy and read books, or buy courses on the Internet and watch them - so you can learn the massage and the ability to communicate with people. Believe me, this is very useful for the seducer of girls.
Unfortunately the game is not finished and its development has been suspended, but despite this in the game a lot of characters, options for dialogue and opportunities.
In the game there are eight girls with whom you can sleep or at least see naked - then it all depends on your actions, skills and resourcefulness.
Lisa is your younger sister, she is still at school, but still very beautiful, albeit shy.
Alisa is Max's older sister, she has already finished school, but did not enter the university, instead she created a blog and wants to earn on it. Beautiful, party girl and for the money and gifts is ready to go to many things...
Mom - Strict, exacting, applies physical violence in the form of punishment. To deserve her trust and to achieve from her sex is very difficult.
Cyrus is Max's Aunt. She is very depraved, is shot in porn movies. you can try to plant your aunt.
Olivia, classmate of Lisa. She is the most popular girl in school, all the boys run after her, perhaps because she is without complexes and not in school, walking around with a nurse.
Katya is a reckless girlfriend of Alisa, all in tattoos and piercings, a rebel, a lesbian.
Vika -
Eric - the head of the mother, her boyfriend...

As you can see, the characters are not so few and they are very different both in character and in appearance. With someone it will be enough just to sleep, and someone will have to unwind for a long time to have sex. But still, if you try hard, you can fuck your sister and mother, so to speak, stir up the incest) You can do it all, be against the two sisters, the main thing here is to think through, calculate and take advantage of the moment.

In the distribution of several archives, here are their descriptions:
- (This is cheats, copy the file Mod.txt to the root of the game, then in the hero's computer, there will be a tab where you can make yourself money and much more.) It works only on pirates!).
- - Pirates of the game. Just unzip and play.
- - The licensed game (cheats do not work).
- - pack with photos from the game.
Download all is not necessary, you can download only "" and all.

If you have problems with choosing a language or saving a game, here's how to manually do everything to work:
To switch the language to Russian, in the game folder, change the value of lang = 1 to lang = 0 in config.cfg
In order to work saving - create a folder Save in the root of the game. Also, in the "config" file, you need to replace "maxfiles = 30" with "maxfiles = 3000" to avoid problems with saving later.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 - Windows 10
Processor: Pentium 4 - 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics Card: 512MB, DirectX 11
Free space on the hard disk: 2 GB
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