Space force: captains

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Space force: captains
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based)
Year: 2008
Publication Type: Pirates
Language: Russian (sound + text)

In your hands a great power, you can conquer the galaxy with the turn-based game Space Force: Captains. If you are not afraid to accept his fate you will become the ruler of the galaxy, but first you'll need to take part and win a thousand battles. Huge fleets of military spacecraft will Knock on you to destroy and prevent the galaxy. You will be under the command of the space station, it is so great that it'll make you new units, to study the technology to extract resources. You can research all corners of the universe, you do not who will not specify what to do. Destroy the other stations, because all one goal, to rule the universe.

- Three companies, each twenty-four mission.
- There are more than one hundred twenty captains, each with its own unique characteristics.
- Technology tree topologies is more than two hundred of the technology.
- There is a map editor with it you can create your world.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP - (SP2) / Windows Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 - 3 GHz
Free hard drive space: 4 GB
Video: 256 MB, GeForce 6800, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: Space Turn based
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