Sacred Underworld

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Sacred Underworld
Genre: RPG
Year:] 2005
Publication Type: License
Language (localization): Russian (sound + text)

In all the known realm called Ankara evil very strongly strengthened in order to cope with it are the new heroes. With add-on "Underworld Ancaria" you will increase the area of ??the original game for more than thirty percent. Also this add-on will give you new quests, weapons, armor, items with magic, and still there will be new enemies, and two new characters - Demon and Dwarf. With the new strength of theirs, you can use the new tactical and strategic opportunities for the passing game. Well, if you know the original play by heart, and you are only interested in the dungeons of Ancaria then there is no problems, you can get to it even in the very nachel game.

- Thirty of completely new types of monsters
- And so the big world of Ancaria has increased by thirty - forty percent
- Two new characters with unique opportunities
- You can follow any responses to move your character with the original game (Prince of Darkness), this addon: Prince of Darkness: Dungeons Ancaria
- Weapons, armor and magic has become much more

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