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How to run the game in the format of ISO?
To run a large number of games you want to use the program to emulate a CD-ROM drive, there are two most popular programs of this type - Deamon tools and Alcohol 52%. These programs are designed to work with file formats such as: ISO, MDS, CCD, BIN / CUE, CDI, B6T, BWI, BWT, B5T, BWS, BWA, ISZ, NRG, PDI, if you downloaded the game and saw one of these obscure format instead of the game then you definitely need to download one of these programs.

What RePack?
RePack a repacked version of the game, the game was compressed as a special program to its weight as small as possible, sometimes repacked in such games, remote demo versions of games, logos, videos not related to the game, etc., generally removed all unnecessary "trash "and it's not like does not affect the quality of the game or its content but sometimes remove videos from games, music, etc., because of this, pay attention to the description of the item in the game" features RePack'a "and then decide whether you need a RePack. Generally in RePacke have several advantages, they have less weight on what they are downloaded from the Internet quickly, often built RePack crack and "tablet" is also very nice. Less RePack'a (if it does not remove what is superfluous), the fact that because of the strong contraction of the installation the game will take longer to install than a normal game.

How free and most importantly, without fear of discharge files to download from letitbit, and shareflare?
If you want to download large files but you can not buy gold mode or you just slow internet and your download will download a few days and you can not leave the computer on overnight, you can use a free program Skymonk. With this program you can download files from letitbit shareflar and without any problems, you can always close the program Skymonk and shut down your computer even if you have not finished downloading the file, after the computer you run Skymonk and your download will continue from the point where it was interrupted. Even if the network has lost power and your computer will "go out" your download does not disappear, you'll be able to resume at any time convenient for you. This program is recommended to use letitbit and shareflar. Here is a link to the program itself Skymonk.

What a game to download?
If you're wondering what game to download, I'll try to help you answer this question. First, you need to decide in what genre the game you like more? There are several basic genres of games, here's a little bit about each of them:

Races - in the games in this genre you will need to come first opponents to the finish. At the moment there are so many games in the genre of racing under your control can be very different vehicles, for example: car, bicycle, airplane, motorcycle, cargo van, and even a toy car, believe me this is not a complete list of vehicles used in racing games.
RPG - a role-playing game, in such games you will live the life of the hero game, you will need to manage, make decisions that appear on his fate, as you will need to kill enemies (who are all hostile to the hero). During the execution of tasks and the murder of a hostile environment, you'll gain experience, it will gradually build up and level your character to grow, to obtain each level you will receive a "skills", these "skills" you will use to improve any skills your character. For example, you can increase the strength of character so that he could use a better melee weapon. Or conversely increase agility, so that it is better addressed with infantry weapons, as well as a cleverly able to use the pick. Every RPG has its own skills you can learn or improve upon receipt of your character levels. Since the strength, agility, alchemy, magic, and ending with the mind, endurance, accuracy. It is believed that all RPGs are made from a third party, but now a lot of games in the first person to combine several genres, but they still belong to the RPG.
Simulation - a game in which the most important thing is the realism. If you take the example of "Formula 1" is in the simulator you will need to call in the pit spopy, and the race itself will last long enough in the arcade games they last five - ten minutes from the force. If you take the example of an aircraft simulator, even just pick it up in the air will be far from easy, for this you will need to pay attention to which button keypad is responsible for what. The games are simulated vehicles, profession, hobbies, sports games, and even human life.
Sports - everything is very simple, the game made based on what is sports games. For example football, basketball, hockey, motocross, golf, but there's more to sports games and sports also includes hunting, fishing, skin diving, snowboarding, skate boarding, boxing and chess and checkers.
Quest - in these games the player must solve a large number of mental tasks in order to advance the plot of the game. In some games on your decisions will change the game itself, but rather what will happen next and what will end the game. In these games you need to talk to various characters, to find a variety of subjects, and somehow use them, usually all found objects, sooner or later you will come in handy.
Strategy - in such games you will build houses and create soldiers, collect resources, all you do in order to destroy all enemies. In most cases you will decide everything, what troops to use, what better to do, what technology to explore, you are driving forces. Most of these games are made by a third party (top view).
Sometimes two types of strategies: "Real Time" and "By Way." The strategies in real time, all happening at the moment, if you act too late and did not have time to choose a time and send their soldiers to defend the town, it can destroy. In turn, the strategies for running all the players take turns (as in chess or something like that in it). On your turn you can start the construction of a building or a soldier (all will be completed after a certain number of moves), and you can move the soldiers. After you click "next move" the next player makes his move, so it will be until not fulfilled the necessary conditions for the victory.
Action (Shooter) - most of the games in this genre will be the first person, most often you are the fighters at your disposal there is a certain weapon, you can pick up weapons and ammunition from dead enemy soldiers. The purpose of the game to complete the task with the help of arms. These games are very important reaction rate.
Kids - games designed specifically for children, most often in these games the children will learn to read and think it will happen in a game. Some children's games do not teach children anything, they just created so that the child had a fun time.
Visual novels - is more a book, you do not decide, you just need to read the text on the screen will appear different backgrounds corresponding written text, will also go sound. Visual novel gives the maximum effect of the presence, you do not have to report as it looks in this story, all of this you will be shown on the monitor. In this way you just did merge with the hero and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy and dreams, you will experience all that is happening in the story as if it were you in the lead.

If you have decided on the genre of the game, then consider half the job done. Go to the desired genre and choose to describe a game that you like best. Note that for each game are the system requirements be sure to check them, there are times when the PC simply will not work with this or that game because of the low power, or turn, you are too new computer and you want to play in a very old game . I think the question "Where can I download the game," you should not occur, because you're reading this on a game site from which you can download for free any favorite game.

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