Roads of Rome 2

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Roads of Rome 2
Title: Roads of Rome 2
Original title: Roads of Rome 2
Released: 2010
Language: Russian
Size: 100 Mb

This game is a logical continuation of "The Roads of Rome / Roads of Rome". In this part of the game had an accident, Caesar had been poisoned, no earthly remedy could bear to save his life. Viktorius decided to ask for help from the gods. There is little complexity, each of the gods live in the land impassable and they all live in different places. You need as quickly as possible to pave the way to their dwellings. You will need to build temples in honor of each of the gods so that they have helped with the elixir for Caesar. In general, the game is very similar to the first part but with the addition of new buildings and vehicles.
Key tags: Puzzle
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