Copyright holders

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Copyright holders

If you belong to coca, or material on this site, and you do not want your intellectual property is used by someone without your consent, then we will be happy to help you and will remove the information.

To do this you need to send us a letter (electronically), in which you must specify information such as:

A. An official document confirming your right to this or any other material:

- From the scanned document with all the necessary seals, or
- Email from the official e-mail domain of the right holder, or
- What is other information that will uniquely identify you as the owner of a particular material.

Two. The text that you want to put in place of the deleted information.

Here, you can specify where and under what conditions it is possible to obtain information that was removed at your request, as well as your data connection to any interested user to contact you and get all the information that interests him about this stuff.

Three. Also, you must specify a direct link to the page on the site which contains information subject to removal.

During the calendar month, your application will be reviewed, you may have links to the site will be removed.

Send an email to the address

Recommended for writing letters in the subject line to indicate that it is "From the Franchisor" otherwise your email may get into a group of spam.

A. We reserve the right to publish any data that were sent to us by mail at

Two. We do not control the actions of users who may re-post a link to your information. All information on this site are automatically posted relizera unknown, without any control from someone's hand, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of placing information on the Internet. But we will certainly consider your requests for links to information that violates your rights.
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