Total War: Shogun 2 (Repack)

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Total War: Shogun 2 (Repack)
Release date: 2011
Genre: Strategy (Real-time / Turn-based)
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Published by: SEGA
Publication Type: Repack
Language: Russian
Size: 10,01 Gb

Middle of the XVI century. Feudal Japan, which once was under the authority of the emperor, fragmented and divided among many warring clans. In the role of Daimyo - the leader of one of them - the player will have to fight, solve diverse business issues and to fine diplomatic game in order to achieve the main goal: to end the internecine feuds and unite the country under his command and became the ruler of all Japan.

- Nine clans - the strengths and weaknesses.
Lead one of the nine factions that existed in feudal Japan. Among them - the mighty warrior clan of Oda and Tokugawa family is very influential. Under the strict guidance of your any of the clans will be able to come to power.
- The power of eloquence.
Daimyo and generals, as in the game Rome Total War, will try to inspire their armies into combat feats. The game has more than 100,000 variants of speech, depending on the nature of the speaker, the location of the troops and the relationship with the enemy.
- Siege war.
Japanese methods of siege are significantly different from those used by Europeans, and the castle can be a deadly trap. During the siege, and the defenders and attackers can use the most varied tactics of warfare.
- Forbidding fortress.
Different types of locks can be improved by strengthening the system of five levels, which means that the attacker would need to use different methods and techniques of siege. The assault and capture of the outer walls of the courtyard - the first steps on the path to glory.
- All-season war.
For the first time in history a series of battles take place in all seasons. The season will depend on the conditions of combat, as well as state and mood of the army. All this will have an important influence on the choice of strategy and tactics of warfare.
- Beauty of Japan.
Wild rugged mountains, beautiful plains and blooming cherry trees - thanks to that used in the project area formation of the new system, players will wage battle across the country, radically different landscape.
- Sengoku-Pedia.
In the game the encyclopedia can be found plenty of useful information about the Japanese forces and technologies, as well as learn interesting historical facts. With it you can learn more about their enemies, learn their strengths and weaknesses.
- Morals and morale.
For the first time appeared on the battlefields of the structure, which have a psychological impact on soldiers during the battle. Protection or the seizure of the monasteries and temples, the destruction of enemy sanctuaries - all of this affects the morale of troops.
- Historical battles.
Challenging but very exciting challenge for the virtual commanders will participate in the famous historical battles, including the battle near the village of Sekigahara.
- On land and at sea.
Total War: SHOGUN 2 - the first draft of the series, which can carry the battle on land and at sea simultaneously. Ply between the islands, especially using the coast, fog and other weather phenomena to gain an advantage over the enemy. Masterfully building up their ships at the coastline and the islands, create traps and enemy impose its tactics.
- Perfect Soldiers.
Soldiers heroes - the soldiers are truly unique. Their strength and courage of combat are so large that they can turn the tide of battle. Even a character with a handful of teammates can destroy a lot of enemies. In addition, he will seek to engage in combat with soldiers like himself, to defend the honor of his clan.

Installed DLC:
-New Ninja Clan
The historic battle-the battle of Nagashino
The historic battle-the Battle of Kawagoe
- Battle of Kawagoe (1545 AD) - one of the most spectacular episodes in the history of medieval Japan. Thanks to a brilliant strategy and coordinated actions of soldiers Hojo clan, and their troops won a decisive victory, which became a turning point in the struggle for the Kanto region.
- XVI century in the history of feudal Japan saw the war for the Kanto region - the central land of Honshu Island, is dominated by Uesugi clan. In 1545 the two branches of Uesugi - Yamanouti and Ogigayatsu - united in the struggle against the conquerors of the Hojo clan. Together with the Ashikaga Haraudzi and army of 85,000 men, they laid siege to the castle Kawagoe - one of the key defenses along the Sumida River.
- Two brothers Hojo - hid in the castle with the garrison of three thousand eight thousandth Tsunanari and the commander of the army Ujiyasu - understand that the enemy was superior to them in serious numbers. The only chance for victory was a sudden night attack: rapid attack on the camp of the besiegers, supported by the onslaught of the castle, led to panic among the Uesugi warriors and their subsequent defeat.
- One of the commanders of the army Uesugi - Ogigayatsu Tomosada - died during the Battle of Kawagoe, and Hojo Ujiyasu gained fame of a great warrior and leader.
A special armor-
-Additional experience for a character

Features Repacka:
It is based on license from 1C-SoftKlab
- Audio quality 100%
- Video quality is 100%
- Exclusive installer (updated)
- Installation of additional Softa (DirectX, Visual C + + SP1)
- All the way registry maintained
- Start the game via the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
- Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
- Approximate install time 20 minutes (s)
- The ability to split or 3xDVD5 2xDVD9
- V Update 1
- V Update 3
- V (Update 4)
- A new clan of ninjas
- The historic battle - the battle of Nagashino
- The historic battle - the Battle of Kawagoe
- Special Armor
- Additional experience for a character
- All languages ??except Russian
Author Repacka:
- Fenixx

System requirements:

Operating System: XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Dual Core - 2,0 GHz or Single Core - 2,6 ??? / Core i5
RAM: 1000 MB / 4000 MB
Free space on hard disk: 19215Mb
Video: (256 MB), (Shader Model 3.0) / Radeon HD 5000 or Radeon HD 6000
File System: FAT, NTFS
Important: Before installing disable Anti-Virus and Firewall
Key tags: Real time Turn based
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