Ricochet - Antalogy

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Ricochet - Antalogy
Year: 2001-2007
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher: Reflexive Entertainment
Size: 87 Mb

Beautiful graphics, sound, picked up smartly, so many levels that are unlike each other. This game is like the millions of players around the world, it will help you relax and score on all issues. The game has the ability to create own levels, these games will never get bored.

I think you've already played in Ricochet, but still write about the game. The aim of the game is that you need to help the ball to break all the blocks on the screen after beating the ball on the block, he bounces and flies to the bottom of the screen you need to keep him from falling in the game for the flying apparatus is used with a shield (it can only move horizontally). With the fall of broken blocks a variety of bonuses (an increase of the shield, the creation of 8.3 balls. Ball of fire which at one stroke splits the toughest blocks, super bowl, he goes through all obstacles, the game has a negative bonuses (they are red) that make the game harder) . Once you destroy all the blocks on the screen will take you to the next level. I could have for a long time to tell you about the game "Ricochet" - "Ricochet" but it's better to see once than to read a few pages of the test.

- Here are all the games of the series Ricochet: (Xtreme, Infinity, Lost Worlds Recharged, Lost Worlds).

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
CPU: 400 Mhz
Video Card: 32MB
Key tags: Arcade
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