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How to Information Resource

(The Agreement)

Information resource (the Site) is intended for users of the exchanging site "news" and "messages". The site is not a mass medium. Register on the site, implies full agreement with this user agreement and confirms the continued compliance with this User Agreement. Agreement may be amended at any time without notice.


User Site - a natural person who uses the site features.

News - text information, graphics, links to material on other resources (websites).

Message - a text message addressed to one of the users of the site or to all users of the site.

The subject of the agreement

Site Administration provides technical ability to host the "news" and "messages" on the Site, the user agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, and the administration of the Site does not check the contents of the "news" and "messages", and does not edit the "news" and "Post "User, subject to the user all the rules of the site.

Duties of the parties

User must

1.1. Use the Site only for personal non-commercial purposes.
1.2. Volunteered to provide accurate, complete and current information required for registration and continued use of the site. To maintain its relevance. Do not disclose your credentials (username and password).
1.3. Do not violate the efficiency of the Site. Do not post on the Site malware. Do not use the technology, causing an increased load on the Website.
1.4. Do not post news and messages containing pornography and child erotica, as well as advertising sexual services.
1.5. Do not post news and messages inciting racial, ethnic and religious enmity or hatred, promoting war and violence, as well as news and posts that violate generally accepted standards of Internet or the laws of Russia and other countries.
1.6. Do not post news and messages containing advertising, promotional materials, SPAM.
1.7. Do not post news and messages containing information that violates the exclusive rights to users or third parties to intellectual property.
1.8. Do not violate the rights of minors and /or cause them harm in any form.
1.9. Use only uppercase letters, lots of exclamation marks, the text of the Letters of different sizes in the message is prohibited.
1.10. The reports may not be used for more than three "graphic emoticons."
1.11. Strictly forbidden to quote some personal correspondence with other users.
1.12. Monitor changes to this agreement and in case of disagreement with this Agreement shall immediately lock your account on the Site. These rules can be corrected and updated, it should be borne in mind that they are not the only document regulating the actions of the administration. If the administration takes a decision, is not prescribed in the regulations, users are required to implement it.

The Site Administration shall

2.1. Do not disclose personal information, except as provided by law.

The rights of the parties

The user has the right to:

3.1. Add messages to the Site is not contrary to the agreement.
3.2. Free to browse the "news" and "messages" are posted on the website.

administration has the right:

4.1. Remove any news or message without explanation.
4.2. Lock the User's account without explanation.
4.3. Refuse to register a user account, the account that was previously locked or deleted.
4.4. Provide all available information about the User and the competent authorities in the manner prescribed by law.

Other terms

5.1. All of the features of the resource provided 'as is' and Site Administration cannot guarantee that they will meet your expectations. The site administration does not guarantee uninterrupted, fast and reliable operation of the Site.
5.2. User acknowledges and agrees that by placing graphics or photos (the image) on the site, he confirmed that the author of these images or has the right to public dissemination of these images, and agree to the amendment of these images, namely, the imposition of that Mr. "Watermark."
5.3. Website may contain links to third party resources, and User acknowledges and agrees that the Administration is not responsible for the availability of these resources and their contents, nor for any consequences arising from the use of the content of these resources.
5.4. User acknowledges and agrees that all the news and messages posted by other users, and Site Administration cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, because News and messages are not checked by the administrator.
5.5. Advertising on the Site may be static, and such advertising is being tested by the Administration Site, or dynamic, ie published by the automated system of rotation banner advertiser, so that verification of such advertising is not possible technically.
5.6. All materials on this web site are for reference only, if you liked that game, which you must buy it if you do not agree with this condition leave the site.
5.7. By registering, you thereby consent to the fact that his posts in the forum or comments may be quoted (with or nick name) within the site, apart from a breach of copyright.
5.8. This version is the current Agreement, and will replace all previous agreements.
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