Puzzle for the computer collection

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Puzzle for the computer collection
In this collection of puzzles included six igror: Puzzles 2.0 Jigsaw 2.0.Rossiya, 2.0.Kiev Puzzles, Puzzles 2.0.Chudesa light Puzzles 2.0.Stolitsy world 2.0.Zhivotnye Puzzles.

The main feature of these games is the fact that they have a lot of very beautiful pictures, both light and heavy for the gathering. Also, you can do to make a picture for teamwork, for this you only need a pretty picture. Any of these games can make your pictures, you decide how many pieces of broken image it can be from 4 to 8 million pieces (depending on what size of a picture, and you decide ka pieces will look as they have connections with each other and how they will vglyadit, you can save your drawings at any time to collect them again. This is an ideal game for fans of puzzles.
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