Starpoint Gemini: Warlords (RePack)

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Starpoint Gemini: Warlords (RePack)
Game Title: Starpoint Gemini: Warlords
Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Simulator, Strategy
Developer: Little Green Men Games
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English
Language of voice: English

The game Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a space simulation, as well as strategy and role-playing game. You can send your fleet into battle or independently head the fleet. It will be up to you. You will be able to choose the satellites that can help you in difficult times. Battles in the game Starpoint Gemini Warlords can be both small skirmishes of several ships, as well as thousands of armadas who are fighting in planetary orbits. Build ships, develop your combat power and fight with other factions. It is not worthless to assess enemies, even a weaker fleet, can win the battle, thanks to their Warlords. You can follow the path of technology and send all resources to explore new ships, weapons and armor. This will give you a huge advantage in combat, but do not forget the main thing, while you are exploring the latest developments, you can be destroyed on "old" ships. You are the leader of your people, your task is to protect and seize new territories. You can protect your territories thanks to protective structures. For fast movements across a huge empire, you can use the T-gate - but first you will need to create a T-gate network.
Aspects in the game Starpoint Gemini Warlords very much, and they are all important. There are many ways to achieve your goal. All in your hands, think over your actions and you will succeed!

Features RePack'a:
Everything is in place in its encodings.
Game version: v1.920.0
- Deadly Dozen
- Titans Return
- Cycle of Warfare
- Rise of Numibia
RePack from: qoob

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 - Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core 3.0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Video card: 1 GB, GeForce GTX 470/560, DirectX 11
Free space on the hard disk: 15 GB
Key tags: Indie Space Sandbox
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