SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell (RePack)

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SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell (RePack)
Game Name: SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
Year of manufacture: 2016
Genre: Action (First Person)
Developer: Pine Studio
Publisher: Headup Games
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English and even six
Language of voice: English

Your attention is presented to a unique game! This platformer in which you need to compete with other players in the speed of passing the level, a first person game in the style of khivi-broom, and this is called the miracle of SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell. You expect different levels where at every step there will be different pitfalls and obstacles dangerous for your life, but it's not so scary, your main rival will be the time. To overcome the arena, you can run, soar, jump, teleport, bounce... all this you will do for the main prize - your soul.
The main character is Marty, he was quietly having breakfast, when suddenly a demon came to him. Marty did not even have time to open the front door, the demon just took it down. The battle of Marty and the demon began, eventually Marty was left without a hand, and a demon without a head. But not everything is so good, at the moment when Marty was fiercely fighting the demon, other creatures made their way to his garage and stole from him "Walrus Beer". It was his favorite beer, with the last drawer. Marty was furious, he tore off the hand of the demon and attached it instead of his - it looked terrible, but now he could fireballs. Now in the afterlife, Marty has only one goal - to find beer!
In general, the game is a platformer, it is extremely important speed and response. Pass arenas as quickly as possible, get into the world ranking of the best players. Look for hidden jars of beer at every level - who knows what will happen when you find them all)

Features RePack'a:
All in place in their encodings
Game version: REV. 3051
RePack from qoob

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics Card: 512MB, Shader Model 2.0, DirectX 9.0
Free space on the hard disk: 2 GB
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