Demigod. Battle of the Gods

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Demigod. Battle of the Gods
Release date: 2009
Genre: RTS
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publication Type: Repak
Language: English / Russian
Language: English / Russian
Game Version: v1.30.154
Size: 1.96 GB

Open set in place celestial - ancestor dies, suddenly opened up and now the father of one of his sons could go up at this place - the sons of the mortal world, the demigods. Anyone who wants to become a Celestial must prove that he is worthy of the battlefields. The award for the winner is very high - immortality and eternal glory, but for only one loser - oblivion.

"Demigod. Battle of the Gods "- a new game, this compound strategy and role-playing game. You are waiting for theirs gods and battles henchmen. You can choose a hero, give him an army, try to get control of his divine powers and abilities, and dispose of each competitor in the path to the goal!
The game is simple to operate and it is possible to find out what that ten minutes, and the script will be pleased with the variety and exciting twists.

You will face strong rivals who will manage the many tiered Artificial Intelligence computer or other players via the Internet (to your taste). Heroes are for all tastes, from the seductive nude demonessy to revived an incredibly large bastion. Each floor has its own god, and the tactics their skills.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: Pentium ? 4 - 3 GHz or Core2Duo ? E4300
RAM: 1 GB for XP and 2GB for Vista
Free space on hard disk:
Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 7600, ATI Radeon 2600 or equivalent, DirectX ? 9.0, which supports 32-bit color and pixel shaders.

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