Valhalla Hills

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Valhalla Hills
Game Name: Valhalla Hills
Year: 2015
Genre: Strategriya (in real time)
Developer: Funatics Software
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian, English and ten
Language Voice: No

Vikings live trying to please their gods. They fight and die like the real brave, and all that in order to get in after the death of Valhalla. But you just imagine the Vikings are dead before the gates of Asgard, they are waiting when the gates will be opened, and they get to Valhalla. But it turned out that the gods of creation and ungrateful they are not going to let the Vikings in Valhalla.
You are a true Viking, and as you know the Vikings do not give up. If you can not pass through the gates of Valhalla in Asgard, then you need to find another way. But it is very difficult for even the strongest of the Vikings, they can not cope with life in the mountains. You have to help them get to the goal, for this you need to ensure the collection of food, logging, and to do all that is required for the well-being of your settlement, which is growing rapidly. You need to get to the top of the mountain, there is a portal through which you can get to Valhalla to the table to the best soldiers.
As with any strategy, you need to develop the village, follow the economy and resources.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 - 8
Processor: Inte Dual corel - 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD2900, DirectX 10c
Free hard disk space: 3 GB
Key tags: Real time Vikings Indie
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