Rush for Berlin

6-04-2021, 08:06 | Section: Strategy / Games 2006 | Views: 1 104 | Comment: 0
Rush for Berlin Rush for Berlin in this game is about two stories from different sides of the barricades, in one case, you protect sensitive information while in another you'll have to do everything possible and not possible to acquire information.
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Brothers in Arms: The Road to Hill 30

28-02-2021, 12:30 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2005 | Views: 997 | Comment: 0
Brothers in Arms: The Road to Hill 30 "Brothers In Arms" - a game made for these events. You act as the commander of a small assault team.
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Medal of Honor. Limited Edition

21-02-2021, 09:34 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2010 | Views: 939 | Comment: 0
Medal of Honor. Limited Edition It's best fighters. They - the pros - the best. How many of them - one can only guess, but I do not think that more than a hundred. They only follow orders from the U.S. command.
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Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (RePack)

20-02-2021, 09:49 | Section: Strategy / Games 2003 | Views: 1 854 | Comment: 0
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (RePack) Death to all fascists! With these words on the lips of the U.S. commandos landed behind enemy lines. This game is more like the movie is very detailed all drawn "as if shot."
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IL-2 Sturmovik Complete Collection

14-02-2021, 09:32 | Section: Simulation / Games 2009 | Views: 1 245 | Comment: 0
IL-2 Sturmovik Complete Collection A unique edition of the cult of military and historical aircraft simulator "IL-2 Sturmovik", which combines all of the famous series and allows to experience in combat and rocket jets.
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Darkest of Days

9-02-2021, 09:40 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2009 | Views: 1 071 | Comment: 0
Darkest of Days War is always the same, only the weapon with which the killing of other people is also changing the shape of clothes, strategy, tactics, it is the death of people will always remain.
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Rise of Flight - 1917

4-02-2021, 09:16 | Section: Simulation / Games 2009 | Views: 1 340 | Comment: 0
Rise of Flight - 1917 You are now reading about the game genre stimulant "War in Heaven - 1917." At the beginning of World War I airplanes used only as scouts. And by 1917 in the sky have been through the battle of pilots
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Front Roads: Kharkov 1943

28-01-2021, 09:34 | Section: Strategy / Games 2009 | Views: 1 141 | Comment: 0
Front Roads: Kharkov 1943 The Germans begin special operation "hawk", taking Kharkov in the cordon. SS "Totenkopf" moves forward in order to destroy the Soviet armor. But the Red Army does not intend to give up and firmly holds the lines and goes on the defensive.
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Battlefield Vietnam

27-01-2021, 12:35 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2004 | Views: 1 170 | Comment: 0
Battlefield Vietnam Glad to see you in Vietnam, one of the bloodiest conflicts of the twentieth century! In the game Battlefield Vietnam, is a complete continuation of the cult of network power booster: the bright colors of jungle, military helicopters, firing at ground targets fiery napalm missiles, and the brave partisans.
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Day of Defeat: Source

27-01-2021, 12:35 | Section: Action - Shooter / Games 2010 | Views: 916 | Comment: 0
Day of Defeat: Source In the game Day of Defeat to do his bet on the team play and tactics. In any of the six classes need to work with the players this is a system for the negotiations. The game also has unique weapons.
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