Sid Meier`s Alpha Centauri

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Sid Meier`s Alpha Centauri The civilization of the people on the brink of death, war, environmental disasters, disease...
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Wizardry 8 (RePack)

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Wizardry 8 (RePack) [/u][u]The whole world are waiting for a change. Most expect the greatest effect the final battle. It should come six characters, they plunge into the great mystery that many thousands of years and they have to bring everyone into a new era.
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Drakensang: The River of Time

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Drakensang: The River of Time The world of magic is preparing for civil war. In the whole empire is a conspiracy involving a very influential personages, knights and powerful magicians. Empire could fall if someone does not stop them. You need to gather like-minded people and set off.
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Fantasy Wars: Gold Edition

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Fantasy Wars: Gold Edition With this turn-based strategy game became better known, this is the game led to a new level. A lot of good reviews the game received from the players as well as from critics. You expect a very different job, you and storm the castles and search for treasures and artifacts of all kinds.
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Man of Prey

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Man of Prey The country came to power pro-American forces, and now in Russia peacekeepers were introduced to America in order to finally came democracy. In fact, they needed only the resources of the country.
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Lads Lads - it's on the suspension, the tactical strategy game with some details kidalovo. You'll be an investor, you must become a leader in the gang.
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Guardians of Graxia

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Guardians of Graxia Interesting fantasy strategy Guardians of Graxia, piece of board game in which the action takes place on the island which floats in the sky in the world Graxia.
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Napoleon. Total War

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Napoleon. Total War Napoleon: Total War in this game the best game series with the Total War. You will participate in key battles of Napoleon Bona-desk, which were key to achieving power.
You decide who you're game for a famous military leader, or for someone of his enemies.
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Europe 3: The Great Dynasty

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Europe 3: The Great Dynasty The end of the fifteenth century - a time of great discoveries in the particular geographic. The main thing for the state is the royal family.
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Disciples 3 - Renaissance

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Disciples 3 - Renaissance This is a continuation of the legendary turn-based strategy. Disciples III: Renaissance" - all very beautiful in this world, a fantasy in which they live, and monsters from the most important characters.
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