Spintires: MudRunner (RePack)

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Spintires: MudRunner (RePack) Spintires: MudRunner is the re-release of the famous game about the drivers of heavy trucks.
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All-wheel drive: UAZ 4x4 Ural call

13-07-2015, 05:34 | Section: Simulation / Games 2006 | Views: 1 611 | Comment: 0
All-wheel drive: UAZ 4x4 Ural call Legendary car domestic production again in the ranks and sent to the conquest of off-road in the Ural Mountains.
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4x4 Evolution 2

11-02-2013, 02:20 | Section: Race / Games 2002 | Views: 1 962 | Comment: 0
4x4 Evolution 2 The game is very dynamic with elaborated scenario. You need to find an abandoned village located pretty far away from the city...
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Nail'd (Repack)

17-05-2012, 08:12 | Section: Race / Games 2010 | Views: 2 100 | Comment: 0
Nail'd (Repack) Racing arcade game on a motorcycle, it's like a cocktail of adrenaline. Drive you to a variety of motorcycles and ATVs, as well as the most extreme means of movement.
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Full Drive 2: Hummer + Extreme edition patch

4-04-2012, 02:13 | Section: Simulation / Games 2008 | Views: 1 556 | Comment: 0
Full Drive 2: Hummer + Extreme edition patch Well-known SUV UAZ gives way to a foreign SUV Hamer. The game will not only brand cars Hummer, you will be able to enjoy and other off-road vehicles from the company General Motors. It's time you check in fact well-known off-road America.
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Monster Truck Fury

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Monster Truck Fury A game for most of these led to those who have a place in the hearts of the engine, and flows through the veins of nitro.
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Full Drive 2: The legendary off-road vehicles of the USSR. Oise era of the 1970s This addition to the original game you will see a number of cars UAZ 70s.
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Ford Racing: Off Road

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Ford Racing: Off Road Try to conquer the most intricate routes that pass through forests, snowy roads and deserts. And remember, your opponents will not miss not a single mistake on your part, but you make a mistake, they will overtake you, and perhaps come first to the finish. The game has eighteen vehicles that are created under license from Ford and Land Rover.
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Full drive 3

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Full drive 3 The game "Full drive 3" will give you the opportunity to participate in various championships for off Road. All competitions replica of the real: for example the inclusion of a variety of extreme disciplines, all the competitions held under the rules adopted by the international federation.
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