Emergency 4 (RePack)

24-07-2021, 11:09 | Section: Strategy / Games 2006 | Views: 3 682 | Comment: 0
Emergency 4 (RePack) Emergency 4: 911, this game is about emergency services that are in each city. You will need to direct the operations to rescue people, and you'll manage the special equipment and coordinate the actions of firefighters, doctors and police.
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Emergency 3 (Repack)

23-07-2021, 08:27 | Section: Strategy / Games 2005 | Views: 2 042 | Comment: 0
Emergency 3 (Repack) Someone had never thought about the work of rescue services. In this game you're playing for firefighters, ambulance and police. You can understand how hard it is dangerous to life.
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Anomaly: Warzone Earth

20-07-2021, 08:25 | Section: Strategy / Games 2011 | Views: 977 | Comment: 0
Anomaly: Warzone Earth Battlefield Earth is a blend of several genres - action and strategy sample "tower defense", only here you are acting as the attacker. In a stormy one precise attack by aliens captured all the strategic places (all cities).
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Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion

17-07-2021, 13:12 | Section: Strategy / Games 2008 | Views: 1 178 | Comment: 0
Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion Real time strategy game "Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion" will bring in the old days when Rome seized all the countries of the world and one could not resist them.
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Sid Meier's Pirates! (RePack)

16-07-2021, 08:08 | Section: Strategy / Games 2005 | Views: 1 816 | Comment: 0
Sid Meier's Pirates! (RePack) In the seventeen century, there was a lot of stories about the brave pirates who plundered merchant ships and looking for all kinds of treasures.
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Theatre of War 2: Centauro

14-07-2021, 09:22 | Section: Strategy / Games 2009 | Views: 1 296 | Comment: 0
Theatre of War 2: Centauro This addition to the game official, "The Art of War II: Africa 1943" game devoted to the army that fought in Italy in North AFREC in December 1942 and until May 1943. The new company before you bark the way armor Panzer Division "Chentauro" from beginning to end.
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Two Thrones

10-07-2021, 08:22 | Section: Strategy / Games 2010 | Views: 952 | Comment: 0
Two Thrones With the help of "100 years of war," you can travel back in time one hundred year war between the Roses. Mission begins with distant troops and you have to win a mission these troops.
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Men of War: Assault Squad

7-07-2021, 08:20 | Section: Strategy / Games 2011 | Views: 988 | Comment: 0
Men of War: Assault Squad It made ??a lot of games on the Second World War, this game is no exception. This sequel to the game play Behind Enemy Lines 2, you have the opportunity to play for different sides of the U.S., Russia and Germany.
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Hard Truck Tycoon

4-07-2021, 09:06 | Section: Simulation / Games 2005 | Views: 1 307 | Comment: 0
Hard Truck Tycoon In this economic strategy You will experience all phases of shipping in the U.S. from 1960 to present day.
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Distant Worlds

4-07-2021, 09:06 | Section: Strategy / Games 2010 | Views: 944 | Comment: 0
Distant Worlds It is a strategy game about the endless space - Distant Worlds. The game combines the very tactics and strategy in the game an incredible number of planets and solar systems very much.
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