SpellForce: The Collector's Edition (5in1)

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SpellForce: The Collector's Edition (5in1)
Year: 2004 - 2007
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) RPG
Developer: Phenomic Game Development
Localizer: GFI / Russobit M
Language: Russian
Publication Type: RePack (repacked license)
Size: 4.2 Gb

In the game SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, there are two additions: SpellForce: Breath of Winter (2004) and SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix (2005). SpellForce (Gold edition) it already has the first two games, SpellForce (Platinum edition), already have all three games, Spellforce Universe, there are three games, and continued, SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars (2006), and SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm (2007).
The game focuses on the SpellForce RPG and leveling abilities of the hero. At the beginning of the game you need to create a main character, choose his sex (male or female), choose which look you like, what categories of skills will own character and features that will gradually evolve to you during the game.

The collection includes the following games:
SpellForce: Gold Edition "Russobit M" v.1.53.65731
SpellForce: The Order of Dawn
SpellForce: The Breath of Winter
SpellForce. Shadow of the Phoenix

Spellforce 2: Gold "Russobit M" v.2.01 Build 129 906
SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars
SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

SpellForce: The Collector's Edition (5in1)

This game once shook the world of computer-and the mountains. The press and critics were enthusiastic about the game. Playing on top of a hit - parades an incredible amount sold and the-mountains. Because of all this SpellForce gives the right to call her the best of the strategies for the computer and, mountains.
It went to a new SpellForce game genre combined RPG with strategy. You can download a collection that included hits such as SpellForce - The Order of the Dawn and the addition of SpellForce - The Breath of Winter.

- This is the classic of the genre
- Unique combination of RTS and RPG genres
- The game world is unpredictable and frequent plot twists, lots of crosses.
- Very flexible system for character development
- 3D-graphics, and you can zoom in and zoom out the camera, you can also watch the first person.
- There is a mode for multiplayer games

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: PIV-1500
RAM: 512MB
Free space on hard disk:
Video: 256MB Video 3D, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: Real time
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