Empire Earth 3 (Repack)

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Empire Earth 3 (Repack)
Genre: Strategy
Year: 2009
Publication Type: Lossless Repack
Language: Russian
Language: English

Our planet is seen not a few grand things. Beginning with the evolution of dinosaurs after the birth and death of empires, the great rulers came to an incredible power, and eventually lost it, and saw the incredible land battle involving hundreds of thousands of soldiers. So centuries passed, the story starts to increase speed. It quickly begins to develop science and technology with it, but even after the past millennia, people have not got rid of his chief curse - the desire to fight and destroy - these same people are still not able to solve their problems peacefully. When that ancestors fought with clubs and spears in, now their descendants are fighting using tanks and missiles.
Game Empire Earth 3 has absorbed the most dramatic moments in our history, you'll not only remember but to see the inside of the fact that the Earth has gone through after going through thousands of wars. In game three cultures - the Middle East, West, East - for many centuries trying to prove his superiority to each other, using a factor of swords, then guns, and after, and armor vehicles. You vozglavete one of the people to bring them to the incredible power and authority, only the strongest deserve it.

Features RePack'a
- Everything is in place in their encodings
- Installation of two languages
- Installation of a 15-minute
- The game is patched to version v1.1
- Added localization
- Added Russian sound
- Author repack MAJ3R

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
- Processor: Pentium ? - 1,7 GHz or equivalent Athlon ? 64 X2
- Memory: 512 MB
- Free space on your hard disk: 5.5 GB
- Video: 128 MB
Key tags: Real time
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