Oil Rush

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Oil Rush
The original name of the game: Oil Rush
Genre: Strategy (Real Time)
Language: Russian (text), English (voice)
Release date: 2012
Developer: Unigine Corporation
Publisher: Unigine Corporation
Publication Type: License
File Size: 824.69 Mb

As such, the future of the planet Earth is not. Land resources are not unlimited and they have already started to end, with the pitiful remnants of the resources are waging a fierce war. In the game, "Oil Rush" you'll be producing oil by means of offshore drilling platforms, and most importantly you will have all powers to protect its good, because many people are dreaming to get your platform and deposit. You can not do nothing to with you is not no friends kicked, but you will be able to beat them. The main objective is not to give your opponents to capture the drilling platform. If you have already accumulated sufficient resources and combat units, you can try your luck and try to capture the field of competitors. You can control helicopters, airplanes and all kinds of ships to repel and attack the competition. But most importantly do not forget that everyone has the launchers from which missiles could be launched, these missiles could decide the outcome of the battle. On the basis of the above I think you understand that there will need to think through all of their actions on a few steps in front of a word to be a true strategist and tactician.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Pentium 4 - 2 GHz
Video: 256 MB
Key tags: Real time
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