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Original title: Steamland
Year: 2003
Genre: Strategy
Language: Russian
Developer: Buka
Size: 164.57 MB.

You play as a planet inhabited by robots. On this planet, steam robots, not all calm between the two civilizations at war. It all starts with the fact that the night had stolen the gold gear. The thieves were able to quickly escape into the territories at the same time filled up the passage and destroying the track, it will be your first mission, to destroy the barrier and to restore the railway track. You start out ordinary machinist, but gradually you'll get a new title. All actions in the game taking place on the railroad. You can build different cars: trucks, heavy trucks, guns, antiaircraft guns, weapons, repair, rockets, flamethrowers, assault and even nuclear preparations you can build a depot and attached to his compositions. The game has several different types of buildings that you can capture, itself a depot and workshop, but there are also plants and the tower with rocket launchers. In this game twenty missions, whose main task will be to destroy the depot and all formulations of the enemy. The game has several modes of difficulty.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP
- Processor: Pentium 2 - 355 MHz
- Memory: 64 MB
- Video: 16 MB, DirectX 8.0
- Screen resolution of 1024x768
Key tags: Indie Trains
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