Dynomite Deluxe

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Dynomite Deluxe
Language: English
Genre: Kids / Logic
Developer: PopCap
Publication Type: License
File Size: 6.6 MB

Dynomite game in which you will hang on the multicolored dinosaur eggs (from top) and you'll be on them to shoot from a slingshot, too, colored eggs, if you collect three or more eggs of one color then they explode. The game has many different modes, some of you need to destroy all the eggs until they have reached the bottom in the other you need to "detach" from the fossil eggs. Also in the game has a lot of different combos and bonuses. Many believe that this game is the connection pool, and Tetris, but I do not agree, as for me it is the likeness of a ricochet, Zuma, Luxor...
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joh lirasan
21 February 2020 09:44

dynomite deluxe

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