Heroes of Might and Magic 1-2

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Heroes of Might and Magic 1-2
The collection includes:
Heroes of Might and Magic 1
It is a turn-based strategy with an interesting storyline, the game was created back in 1995. It is with this game and the era of games in the series "Heroes of Might and Magic", at the moment it was released six games of the series except for additions.

Just like always, you are fighting for the city, resources, and territory. You may be in the army of people and different creatures. Each army has a hero, the hero can not be used without an army. The hero with each victory will increase their skills. The game has four factions, you can choose any of them. As you understand, there are four different character and the castle.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - the second game of a series of turn-based strategy "Heroes of Might and Magic 2."
It all started because of the government, but rather because of the throne, which claimed two brothers with the times. One of the brothers (Roland), called the forces of good, and his brother (Archibald), called the forces of evil. You need to bring the present heir to the throne, if not sorry but for this you need to destroy the army's brother.
The game was made some very significant changes, one of them is the addition of two new types of units - Magicians and Necromancers. Now you can improve your troops, it will happen if you build a better building his castle for the production of a unit.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Price of Loyalty
This addition to the game "Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Boyny for the throne." The most important way it is reflected in the buildings, heroes, missions.
Here I would stop it in detail on the characters, but rather to theirs new skills. Now the heroes of the available combat magic, you can use it in battle. Spells so much that even the most skilled magician to have died from. Lightning, balls of fire, acceleration, deceleration, shields, cloning, cursing, calling the boat and etc. All this you can easily use this supplement.

Minimum requirements:
Processor: Intel
Memory: 8 MB
Video: 2 MB
Hard drive space: 50 MB
Key tags: Turn based
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