Anno 2070 Deluxe Edition (RePack)

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Anno 2070 Deluxe Edition (RePack)
The original name of the game: Anno 2070 Deluxe Edition
Year: 2011
Genre: Strategy (Manage / Real-time)
Language: Russian
Developer: Related Designs
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Publication Type: RePacK
Game Version: v.
File size: 1.71 GB

Anno 2070 - a simulator of the ruler, you need to build a city from scratch to develop them, to increase the population to create the infrastructure to develop the industry, creating strong economic relationship with neighboring countries as well as to war with no friends. If you've ever wanted to try to create the most powerful state from the zero, then you should play "Anno 2070 Deluxe Edition". Everything happens in the future, and more precisely in 2070, it was during this time you will build and develop the huge metropolis. The game will be different from the planet of its analog-to date, but rather on the planet, climate change, but as always people have adapted to it. The most notable cataclysm will be sea level, which is far advanced from what great continents were almost submerged, they are still only small pieces when that great land. Here on these plots of land, and you will be creating mega-cities, I think you now understand why the mega-cities, because humanity sorely lacking areas to accommodate the large number of the world's population, because of this land will go to war. You'll need to choose which faction you want to join, just have two strongest factions - tycoons and environmentalists. From this choice will depend very much, or rather what will be the planet.

Features Deluxe Edition:
- Biospheregenerator - a generator that will attract birds and fish of different species.
- Sealeopard - you can change the sabotage of ships ..
- Breona Ibori - you will be able to enhance their knowledge of nano technology.
- Sonic Modulator - special module that attracts dolphins that will accompany your ships and destroy the privateers.
- Includes mission "Return to YA.D.R.O."

Features RePack'a:
- All on-site
- Character is not changed
- Game version v
- Username: RELOADED / Password: 1
- Repak by: R.G. ReCoding

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core - 2,0 GHz / Athlon 64
Hard disk: 3.7 GB
Video: 512 MB, (GeForce 7 or Radeon HD 2000 / GeForce 500 or Radeon HD 6000) / Shader Model 3.0, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: Real time Management
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