Plants Vs Zombies

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Plants Vs Zombies
Title: Plants Vs Zombies
Genre: Arcade
Developer: PopCap
Language: Russian
Language: English

Here is the game a bit reminiscent of "towers" and "a genius of defense." You need to take care of the garden because the garden is the best protection from the crowds of zombies to feed on your home. You need to grow different plants in order that every undead was not your line of defense, many zombies are immune from all kinds of plants other than what one is. You need to save money, because the second round you can buy from your neighbor's various improvements such as lawn mowers, rakes, and other deadly instruments gardener.
The game has many different modes. In the "Action" you expect fifty missions which will alternate - day, night, swimming pool, the mist, the roof.
Against you are the twenty-six kinds of zombies, each with its own characteristics, for example, is a sixth that can jump over obstacles, a zombie who scuba dives under the water, and this time he can not hit most of the plants, so there is a zombie with a bucket on his head - it gives him more protection. Gradually you will increase the choice of plants that you will be able to protect the plant, making a total of forty-nine. The game is a gardener's almanac that describes all the features of your plants and also describes all the zombies that you met.

System requirements:
Processor - Pentium 3 - 1.2 GHz
RAM - 512MB
Video Card - 64 MB, DirectX 9
Free space on hard disk space - 85 MB

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