Neighbours from Hell - Holidays tycoon

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Neighbours from Hell - Holidays tycoon
Title: How to get a neighbor. Holiday tycoon
Genre: Quest, Arcade
Year: 2011
Language: Russian

In a small God-forsaken village with an interesting name "Nezhdalovo" appeared tycoon. A long time ago on his plot of land built a mansion that was tasteless, the building is prevented all the inhabitants of this village. After tycoon moved into his house, it's your time to get even with him at his construction site and more ...

- Backgrounds are traced in detail.
- For your dirty tricks you use the available materials.
- This quest is quite unusual.
- The sound in the original game and concise.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 - 1.7 GHz / AMD Athlon 1700 +
Memory: 512 MB
Hard drive space: 2 GB
Video card: GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500, DirectX 9.0c, 128 MB
Key tags: Arcade
Author: Admin

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