Dilogy Xenus: (RePack)

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Dilogy Xenus: (RePack)
Year: 2005-2008
Genre: Action (Shooter) / First Person
Developer Deep Shadows
Publisher: Russobit M
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian
Size: 5,84 GB

Xenus: Boiling Point
Kevin Saul Myers - Foreign Legion infantry retired, has measured life in the capital of France, absinthe chestnuts snack, lunch prefer consomme with poached, moreover, quite calm for the life of his only daughter - journalist Lisa Myers. Let him, thinks, writes in glossy magazines in Encyclopedia of the series' female orgasm - Myth or Reality? "Or is heading for a meager culinary mind housewives. However, a call from Columbia (What the fuck, Colombia!) And a short dialogue with the editor, in which Myers knows a lot about his Chad. Lisa, have long been working in hot spots, has collaborated with the Colombian press, and suddenly disappeared. Five minutes to pack, 0.5, whiskey on the plane and here we are already in place. Dirty bus passes the last check point, and our hero finds himself in a completely alien world to him. Very quiet and beautiful world. At first glance...

Extremely topical, dynamic 3D RPG / Action First Person
Giant-land, the lack of layering
-More than 400 different missions
-A huge arsenal of weapons of actually existing
-Driven vehicles: helicopters, tanks, cars, boats, etc.
-Developed system of dialogues, trade, and upgrade the interactive gaming world
-A magnificent three-dimensional graphics
The high-AI opponents

Xenus 2: White Gold
2010, a small Caribbean strana.Federalny troops and police found and destroyed the warehouse of the largest known narco-cartel. It turned out that part of the profits from the sale of drugs designed to support the rebels, provoking anti-government demonstrations in the province of N. Experts believe that the case implicated as agents FBR.Vprochem, this situation is fairly typical of Latin America.

- Ultra-modern "cocktail" of action and RPG!
- Absolute freedom of action!
- More than 25 types of controlled equipment.
- Over 30 weapons.
- Pick a linear plot.
- 8 independent groups, then warring with each other, entering into alliances - both among themselves and with you!
- Changing weather conditions and time of day.
- Hundreds of diverse characters, from the relations which will depend on the course and the final game.

Features RePack'a:
- It is based on a license from Russobit M
- Do not cut, is converted to a lower bitrate
- For a comfortable installation requires 1.5 GB of RAM
- Install Additional Software
- Start with a shortcut on the stol / Start Menu
- Installation time - 20 minutes (depending on your PC)
- Music installer
- Author RePack'a - by R.G. Modern

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows ? XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 5200 +
Memory: 1 GB WindowsXP (1 GB Vista / Seven)
Video card: GeForce 8600 GTS / Radeon X1900
Free space on your hard disk: 5.3 GB
Key tags: 1st Person
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