Peace Craft 1

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Peace Craft 1
Year: 2009
Genre: Strategy, Tactics, thinking
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian
Size: 49 MB

Princess Elena came to visit his uncle, he was the king Sigezmundu. That's just like Helen to go to his native kingdom suddenly started hurricane but such power that he has destroyed all roads in the four kingdoms. As luck would have received a letter from Helen father stating that he was very ill and in urgent need to come to him. But that's not all, of such a strong storm awoke the dragon "Ognedon" he people at night hooligans in the kingdom. In the kingdom began to look for a man who can hold the princess through the destroyed kingdoms of the earth, who is this man? Knight, Arthur decided to help the princess and clear roads of debris so that the princess was able to get to his father. At the disposal of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Arthur's loyal, mind, wit, and chu-bit magic. For the fact that you are restoring the land very quickly king will reward you have small plots, if you play well then you will be late in the game as a lock on the last picture. Also, if you are able to deliver the princess in her kingdom, you'll get her hand and heart, soon after arrival you will play a wedding.
Key tags: Puzzle
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