Truckers 2

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Truckers 2
Title: Truckers 2
Genre: Simulation
Rrazrabotchik: SoftLab-NSK
Language: Russian

All racking their brains about what you can think of in the genre of racing? Different modes of transport, the collapse of everything around, the conquest of off-road? All of this happened. But still, the game's developers were able to come up with something new in the auto simulators, more than seven years of gay measures on the second play of the game, but if you do not know about it then you enlighten my review. And I will be glad if it will inspire you to new automotive feats. Be zuslovno fans like to ride along the winding and dangerous road, one must bear in mind that transport multi-ton trucks in the game. The game also has a road mafia, try not to fall into the hands of traffic police.

The game has 28 different vehicles (trucks, cars and off road workers), if we assume different textures and colors of cars that - more than a hundred. All cars are the most copied real cars. By the development of the game were involved in professional truck drivers from around the world, it is because of this "Rig 2" more is better conveys the feeling of driving vans. The game has an arcade mode

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 1.0 Mhz
RAM: 256MB
Video: 256 MB

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