Condemned: Criminal Origins (Repack)

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Condemned: Criminal Origins (Repack)
Year: 2006
Genre: Action (Survival Horror) / First Person
Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: Sega / SoftKlab
Publication Type: Repack
Language: Russian
Language: English
Size: 2,75 GB

Easy steps madness, cries in the silence of the night, the ghosts get lost consciousness... Condemned: Criminal Origins will open the door in front of you paranoid. What motivates maniacs in their wickedness? What a dark swirls in my head a serial killer? Why are decent-looking people are frustrated with the bloody abyss of schizophrenia? You will find answers to these questions and more, in fact calculate and render socially dangerous lunatics - now it's your job!

Game by Monolith Productions, creators of No One Lives Forever and FEAR, offers a trip to the labyrinth of strange nightmares. As an FBI agent you prefer the most terrifying and incomprehensible things. The actions filed in the first person, but Condemned: Criminal Origins - is primarily an interactive detective thriller with elements, and only then - action. Before the arrest or kill the maniac, it must be found. But this would require a carefully examine crime scenes, examine evidence and think. Think as mentally ill killer...

Features Repack'a
Repack with a license
Game Version 1.3
Sewn Crack the text from the Zone Of Games
Do not cut / no recoded
Installation of additional software
Running through shortcuts on the desktop / start menu
Average installation time 15 minutes

System requirements:
System: The family of Windows (XP, Vista, Seven);
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz;;
Memory: 1 Gb;
Video Card: 256 Mb;
Free disk space: 7 Gb;
Key tags: 1st Person
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