Gray Matter: The ghosts of the unconscious (Repack)

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Gray Matter: The ghosts of the unconscious (Repack)
Year: 2011
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Wizarbox, Tonuzaba Entertainment
Publisher: New Disk
Publication Type: ReRack
Language: Russian
Language: English
Size: 4,32 GB

This unusual and fascinating quests of unrivaled Jane Jensen, author and screenwriter of the legendary series Gabriel Knight, has already earned the recognition of players and high critical acclaim around the world. Now it is available to you!

After the death of his beloved wife of Dr. Stiles retired to the basement of the old manor, which is equipped with a secret laboratory. But his retreat came to an end when the campus is flooded with a strange and unexplained events, and in the door of the house on a hill charming knocked fokusnitsa Samantha. Will the characters to identify the causes of paranormal phenomena, or they are destined to become a bargaining chip in the game, the higher powers?

"The great adventure game in the best traditions of the genre.
"Dark secrets and mysteries of the human desire to the unconscious.
"An incredible detective on the verge of science and magic.
"Fascinating story from the author of the legendary series Gabriel Knight.

Features Repack'a
?Repack with a license
"Do not cut
"Compressed video for the final 30% (difference not notice)
"Installing additional software:
"Installation time 20 minutes
"Running through the labels on the desktop / start menu

System requirements:
"System: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7;
"Processor: 1.4 GHz;
"Memory: 1 GB;
?Video: 128 MB;
"Free disk space: 6.15 Gb
Key tags: 3rd Person Adventure
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