Behind Enemy Lines

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Behind Enemy Lines
Year: 2004
Genre: Strategy / Action
Developer: Best Way
Publisher: 1C

In the rear of the enemy - in this game is a lot of unique and precisely define the genre the game is very, very hard. You expect a balanced connection to the tactics, strategy, and you are waiting for a rich and suspenseful plot, you will need to respond quickly to changes in the events of the game, well-detailed, realistic.

This game is a tactical strategy of all activities taking place during the Second World War, the player will manage the tender by a small group of soldiers for five - ten or more units of armored vehicles, you need to perform different tasks and tactics to fight against superior numbers of enemy forces.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 - 2GHz or AthlonXP 2000 + or better
RAM: 512MB
Free hard disk space: 1.5
Video Card: ATi Radeon 9xxx or better, nVidia FX or better, DirectX 9.0
For multiplayer games require TCP-IP network, or any other 100% compatible with Microsoft DirectPlay network.

Key tags: USSR USA War Real time
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