Fallout 2 (RePack)

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Fallout 2 (RePack)
Title: Fallout 2
Genre: RPG
Language: Russian
Year: 1998
Developer: Black Isle Studios
Publisher: Interplay
File Size: 559.52 Mb

Fallout 2 is rightly considered one of the best role-playing games around the world. The story tells of a global nuclear catastrophe, which killed most of the world's population, and the survivors were driven in the development of a few thousand years ago and turned into a prehistoric people.
Gamers are invited to play as a character called "Chosen", which was sent to look for strange technology GEKK it by giving, could heal the planet from the terrible contamination. The game boasted a large, post-nuclear world, an interesting non-linear storyline, characters and set the parameters of the possibility of careful leveling, and a huge variety of enemies and weapons.

-The legendary role-playing game, the events that occur in the vast post-nuclear world.
Pick-linear plot.
-The unique role system SPECIAL: 7 parameters, dozens of skills and additional features of the character.
-Tactical turn-based battles.
-A wide variety of enemies and methods of eliminating them.

Features RePack:
Repak, made with the licensed version of the game

-Installed the patch-
-Fallout 2 patch 2.03
-Corrects inaccuracies in the translation.
-Fallout 2 without censorship.
-This patch returns the swearing in Fallout 2
-Fallout 2 Resolution Patch 2.2
-Allows you to run the game in the broad definition. It also rules the patch displaying a dialog box when talking to the NPC. Eliminates the psychedelic graphics when playing videos on Win7.

System Requirements: 120 MHz; 32 RAM; 600 MB HDD.
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