Galador: Der Fluch des Prinzen

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Galador: Der Fluch des Prinzen
Title: Galador: Der Fluch des Prinzen
Genres: Quest
Language: Russian
Year: 1999
Developer: Metropolis Software
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
File Size: 248.09 Mb

In a certain kingdom, in a state of a living but fared a dunce. He was, by temperament of his character, demure, and taciturn. He would sit for hours on end in a pub and listened to stories of local bard. But one day, he still wanted to adventure on his head, and he did what he usually do in such cases - sold his soul to the devil. And everything is good and finished, but as luck would have gone to hell test and came out with the souls of the shortage. Responsible for the case a demon not a little scared and decided to fix this thing. He promised the kids were in exchange for an agreement unimaginable adventures and most importantly - the title of prince. Blood was shed on the parchment, fastened together by a contract, and at the same time Galador (the name idiot) was in the body of the prince, the prince and his soul went straight to hell. But what is now getting on our Galador - a pseudo-Prince? And he is a just begun, and big trouble. He has found himself in the body of the prince at the time when on the road in front of him stood a large black knight. The boy gave a very scared and ran away. King, found out about this shameful misconduct of his son, deprived him of all honors and titles (including the title and son). And will this unfortunate traveler now get out of the very difficult situation. The history of this conveyed to the present day a sorcerer neprosyhayuschy Arivald which Galador and awakened from thousand-year slumber in his own grave...

System requirements:
-System: Windows 95/98/XP
Processor: Pentium 66 Mhz
Memory: 48 MB
-Video Card: SVGA
Audio-card: 16-bit
Hard disk: 390 Mb
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