MechWarrior 3

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MechWarrior 3
Title: MechWarrior 3
Genre: Simulator
Language: Russian
Year: 1999
Developer: Zipper Interactive, FASA Interactive
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
File size: 647.5 Mb

It seems, Mechwarrior 3 is an example of an extremely successful sequel. Retaining all the dignity and spirit of the previous parts, it is in this game is on top of progress, allowing the player to the abyss of the new features. In short - it's just a very good game. Do not miss out!
Events in the new game time approximately coincide with the events of MechCommander-a. Again, we're playing on the side of the Inner Sphere. Gaining long-awaited offensive on the clan Smoke Jaguar (Smoke Jaguar), but the enemy still has no intention of giving up. On a planet with the ironic name of Tranquil, a senior military leaders Smoke Jaguar is preparing a fortified refuge for his clan, where you can lick the wounds and prepare forces for a counterstrike. Our goal is to commit sabotage and lightning military operation to neutralize the enemy base as a valuable springboard fighting until the enemy had no time to harden it. The difficulty lies in the fact that the Jaguars have had a taste of defeat, and now, forgetting the honor of the clan, will do anything to avenge his offenders from the Inner Sphere. And certainly they will begin their revenge from the first to meet the enemy - that is, with us.
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